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Tired of chats where you constantly encounter 'fakers' or bad actors? With our verification system, you can prove that you are a fair and trustworthy person willing to authenticate yourself. Connect with other verified individuals in our dedicated verified room

How to get verified?

Pose with our badge, that's all 
321rainbow badge
Step 1:  Print or write out the badge

You can print this badge, show it on a tablet, or take a pencil and paper, and write it our by hand.

Note; when registering at chat you choose your gender; male / female / sissy-cd-tg etc. We do not offer "couple". Are you a couple? Then each need to register his/her own profile for verification.

Each individual (male or female or sissy) poses with our badge to verify, as described in step 2.

gay sissy chat verification 1
Step 2: Take 2 selfies with badge

Hold the badge (written on printed) in your hand and pose with it. Thats it.

- Males: Be nude or wear underwear
- Sissy/cd/tv/tg : Wear Lingerie / be "sexy dressed as"
- Females: Be nude or wear lingerie.

- Take 2 pics from 2 different angles.

- Full body.
- Face is not mandatory.

Are you registered as sissy/cd/tv ? Then be "dressed as" when taking your verification pic.

Step 3: Upload your verification

Upload your verification via the upload button below or send them by e-mail.

When your verification is valid, you will be upgraded within 24h

Find more examples below

Note sure about your verification? More examples below. (posted with agreement of the persons involved)

We reserve the right to reject your verification and ask for a new one when it is unclear or incorrect. Make sure to follow the guidelines as described in step 1-2. 

Submit your verification

 Via the button below you can upload your verification to us.

- Make sure you have read the guide above
- Make sure to write your chatname on the verification badge(!)*. If possible in filename as well.
- All verifications will be deleted from the Cloud (mega) after verification. See privacy terms.
- The cloud (mega) is visible to Aquarius (owner) only.
Do not sent your pics to others.

Don't you see the button above ? In some cases the upload button doesn't show up.
This might be caused by a browser plugin. Then send you verification by e-mail.

If you are not upgraded within 24h, there might be an issue with your verification.
For example; some already forgot to add their chatname*, Then we don't know who's it is LOL.
Contact Aquarius in chat if you are not being upgraded.


Verification pics does not need to include face, as long as it is full body (approx knees to head). You can crop of your face from the pic, look to the side or blur your face.

Nude or wearing underwear.
Sissy/TV/TG etc can wear lingerie. 
No clothed "normal" pics, we are an adult chat.

If you are reading this you did not have read step 2 very well ;) You can also show the badge on tablet, or write out by hand. Make sure your write today's date and your chat username.

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About 321rainbowchat

Your gay, sissy and bi chat with quality. Our unique points; you can share pics up to 12MB, like each others post, upload multiple pics at once and verify yourself as non-fake chatter. 321rainbow welcomes the LGBTQI+ community and is a spin-off of 321cuckold.