Your safe gay-bi chat

Our gay chat community offers a wide range of chat rooms for the LGBTQI+ scene. Here, you can connect with other gay, bi, trans, and crossdressing individuals, as well as their admirers. Our unique verification system ensures that you are chatting with genuine individuals, not fake profiles.

Verified people

Tired of chats where you constantly encounter 'fakers' or bad actors? With our verification system, you can prove that you are a fair and trustworthy person willing to authenticate yourself. Connect with other verified individuals in our dedicated verified room

Mixed rooms

We strive to maintain a fun environment for everyone without too many complicated rules. We've noticed in some chats that 'sissy pics' are not allowed in gay rooms... why not? Our rooms are mixed, and we will not separate you from others based on how you identify yourself.


Respect is a crucial value in our community. Please refrain from mocking or disrespecting others based on their preferences, feelings, or desires. Our chat should be a warm and welcoming space for everybody.


Our chat box does not allow guest accounts, we want to prevent spam and lurkers as much as possible. We prefer to build a valuable community. Registering process is fast and easy, it takes only a few minutes of your time.

Policy of 321rainbowchat
All uploads are automatically deleted from our server after 2 days. 321rainbowchat respects your privacy, we do not save or share your pictures in the community thereafter (as some other chats do) for full disclosure read our privacy policy.

Behavior of other chatters:
Please do realize that when you post in public rooms all visitors can download the pics you upload. Also in verified room other verified users can download your pictures. Although fellow verified might have more respect for your privacy, you never know if they save your pics or not. There is no option to prevent that. Be aware of that. Never share your pictures anywhere on the internet if you don't want them to be downloaded by others. Take your own responsibility for this. 321rainbowchat is not liable for downloading of your pics by other chatters. For full disclosure see our terms of use.

We encourage to become a verified chatter. We have a simple process to check if you are the person who you claim to be. When you are verified you get a trustworthy "anti-fake" checkmark next to your username. See our guide.

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About 321rainbowchat

Your gay, sissy and bi chat with quality. Our unique points; you can share pics up to 12MB, like each others post, upload multiple pics at once and verify yourself as non-fake chatter. 321rainbow welcomes the LGBTQI+ community and is a spin-off of 321cuckold.