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gay sissy chat rules

Legal Rules

Be sure to follow and accept these rules
- You MUST be 18+ to chat here.
- NO Minor / underage of any kind, Incest, QA* ZERO TOLERANCE.
- No Chat about incest or talk about family/ family fantasies. Neither in role play !
- NO Revenge porn.
- NO Bestiality, gore
- NO Full names, ID cards, Doxing, Exposing.
If you do post illegal material you will be reported
- NO Hate, Racism, Disrespect.
- NO Flooding, trolling, scamming etc

*QA = "Questionable Age": If she looks to young and we are not sure she is 18+, we consider it as QA. That is a ban. Discussing QA "but the person in the pic 19" is not an option, if he/she looks too young, we do not take any risk

chat room rules

Extra specific Rules + Repost Policy

Extra chatroom rules:

- NO URLs (set to auto mute you).
- DO NOT spam other chat sites in our chat, and don't spam our chat on other chat sites.
- DO NOT post THE SAME pic repeatedly, keep about 30 minutes in between
- No thumbnail pics, nobody likes that. Minimum pic size about 800x600pix
- No screenshots of folders / windows explorer etc

be aware

Behavior of other chatters

Please do realize that when you post in chat all other chatters can download the pics you upload. Also in verified room other verified users can download your pictures. Although fellow verified might have more respect for your privacy, you never know if they save your pics or not. There is no option to prevent that. Be aware of that.

We have strict repost policy in our chatroom, but we do not have control over what people do with your material outside our chat ! Never share your pictures anywhere on the internet if you don't want them to be downloaded by others. Take your own responsibility for this. 321rainbowchat is not liable for downloading of your pics by other chatters. For full disclosure see our terms of use.

Female chatter policy:
protection when abuse of pics is expected

It is a given fact, unfortunately, that "female" profiles on sex chats are often fake (luckily not all). We do everything in our reach to protect females from their pics being used with identity theft, guys pretending to be them.

If we suspect a "female" profile isn't real and is using pics of another real female; for example verified females of other chats, we ask for verification. If you cannot verify, we have to ban. We do that to prevent exposure and abuse. Protection of wives.

We might be wrong and falsely ban a chatter, but...
Better 10 wives mad at me for a false ban than 1 wife mad at me for her pics being used by a faker ! Sorry girls, better safe than sorry !

Are you banned because of this and do you like to proof we are wrong? Verify !
Note: you do not need to expose yourself with verification, pics do not need to be nude, pics do not need to show face. Verification is 100% private.

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About 321rainbowchat

Your gay, sissy and bi chat with quality. Our unique points; you can share pics up to 12MB, like each others post, upload multiple pics at once and verify yourself as non-fake chatter. 321rainbow welcomes the LGBTQI+ community and is a spin-off of 321cuckold.